My Notes for Black History Month

by Happy Accidents Blog

Its February and because I am Black I am going to talk about it.

My first note, on February 1st I woke up from a refreshing dream and I checked my twitter to hear of talks about Maya Angelou or Madame CJ Walker , but no I was ever so disappointed that it was no more than 8 hours into Black History Month and ratchetness appeared on my timeline about Jaide. It pains me to even talk about her but I have to its weighing painfully on my heart. The setting is a high school locker room. The characters consist of about as far as viewer can tell a couple of black girls one Spanish girl and the AV club friend. I am not really mad about the bully a victim plot but I have picked up a few one liners from it. Besides that I am disappointed in the reality of of our minority and all the YouTube videos and reality TV shows that we show to the world. Yes I am ratchet but I aint getting a reality TV show so that the world knows it. All I have to say is that lets raise the bar if not for you do it for the people who came before you.

My second note , ITS THE YEAR OF BEYONCE GISELLE KNOWLES – CARTER mother of 17 grammys, 4 number one albums and one Blue Ivy. I am apart of the Beyhive and I do stan for Bey and I am signing up for a MasterCard because I need those special tickets for my 19th birthday on August 3rd. Lets start on the GQ ad, just reminisce on the flour thrown in the air. Then let me take you to the lip sync of her life at the Inauguration. After her press conference to shut all the haters up. Later her sickening Super Bowl halftime performance. Now she is in Vogue and this Saturday she will be on Next Chapter talking to Oprah.  Also the day before that her documentary on HBO comes out and World Tour. Finally she gonna get pregnant with a boy and announce  it on New Years Eve the boys name will be Burgundy Maple so they can stay mad!

My third note, did you know sitting is just as bad as smoking. I read this article that sitting is killing people. Think about it you lay down at least 8 hours to sleep and out of the entire day how long do you stand and how long do you sit? So do like Michelle says and MOVE!

BTW I lost 10 lbs from the 6/52 diets. Yay me!!!