This bitch needs to get snatched

by Happy Accidents Blog

I know that 64% of New Years Resolution is to lose weight and I also know that only 13% of those people make it past March 1st and 3% actually stick it out through the entire year.  Yes in the past I have made this resolution and have  not stuck it out, so in the past years I have made small resolutions. Like not biting my nails I was successful, manage my skin better I was successful, cut your hair and go natural and I have been successful. So seeing as how my track record the past few years have been proven to work why not lose all this weight I have gained this summer at chipotle.

I want to lose  the weight.

Why? Well in the past 2 years 2 of my uncles had an aneurysm. One of my uncles passed away December 31,2010. My other uncle 2 months later had a bad flu and he was admitted into the hospital and we found out he too had an aneurysm. That same year I found out my grandmother passed away at the same age of my uncle from an aneurysm. Now that I know it runs in my family I want to do something about it early.

52 diets in 52 weeks

I like to think of myself as a fun adventurous person. But I also know myself as a procrastinator, undisciplined and I get bored very easily. So I thought of this a while ago but as the procrastinator I never started, so now that I have this outlet I want to use to keep me committed for the next year. No I do not want to become stick thin skinny, I just want to keep my breasts, gain some ass and flatten this stomach to smithereens. Its possible to get snatched in 52 weeks, right?