3 Notes

by Happy Accidents Blog

My first note. Christmas is about Jesus ya’ll doesn’t anyone remember that?

I feel like no one remembers that the virgin Mary went to 9 inns that were full, went to a barn with goats, gave birth to Jesus, three kings came with presents and that’s on the 25th of December. Don’t y’all remember that?

My 2nd note, Stop trying to find out when the world ends and don’t be prepared when it does!

The Mayan Calender is ending tomorrow supposedly the end of the world. If the world is truly ending tomorrow, LET THIS BITCH END! I am tired of watching movies where Shia Lebouf or Dwayne Johnson trying to save the world, just let it end. The dinosaurs didn’t put up a fight, why are we? If that does happen I hope I am near Kid Fury because he will be throwing Zeus like thunder bolts of shade and I want to hear it, wherever I am. That is all I have to say about the world ending.

My third note, I don’t like animals. I don’t mind people who do like animals. I thoroughly cant stand overly zealous animal enthusiasts. I’m talking the “Throw paint on a fresh mint coat” PETA protesters.

I was reminded of my disdain through Joana Krupa. This girl is on Miami Housewives and not a housewife but that is not here nor their. I just watched this episode where everyone goes to this lingerie party and one of her co-stars wore a fur vest. Everyone couldn’t give two shits about the vest, but it was like the women spit her drink in Krupas face the way she got angry. She was getting all hype cursing  about take her vest off and do a say-once to reprieve the squirrels that died. But the after show was worst, Krupa was like anyone who supports Kim Kardashian is evil because she wore fur.Really its people like her  I cant stand you eat meat ,wear cashmere and drink milk and you want to tell someone to save the animals? And don’t ask me , How would you feel if you were skinned alive ? This is my answer , you better be a fly bitch.


And that I am! A fly bitch.