This Gluttonous Holiday

by Happy Accidents Blog

This is the gluttonous holiday I cant stand. Every year I have to explain why I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Believe it or not its not because Columbus came over and received help from the same people who he later was apart of a mass genocide. It is not because I am not thankful  It is not because people are starving all over the world. It is not because I feel guilty that I have a warm home and food on this holiday while people a couple of miles away don’t even have 4 walls. It is not any of those reasons. It is simply because my mother never celebrated it when she lived in Jamaica and my family has never celebrated the american holiday.

Now I am not here to make you feel guilty that you stuffed your gut and on this occasion, because this holiday is not about the food it is about family and being able to with each other with great conversation and food. I just don’t understand how you guys can do that more than once per year. i love my family but I can only stand to get with them once a year. I don’t even like getting with them that one time. I have see people I don’t like and talk to them because I am the youngest and how dare I not to attend. This is why I am thankful that I am 18 this year and I can make the decision on my own to not attend Christmas.

Throughout the month of December I am going to be giving you several reasons as to why no one should attend that dreadful Christmas dinner.But below I still give an outfit worn on Thanksgiving fat pants and all.