This B*tch Sandy!

by Happy Accidents Blog

This B*tch Sandy came all through the tri-state area danced for her bands and shut everything down. She cost me my paycheck, one week of school, 8 pounds and it still takes me more than 45 min to get to Manhattan. So while I had my power I re downloaded IMVU and realized how much I have missed and decided to write a blog post about it 2 weeks later.

The week before Sandy hit, everyone was freaking out . Buying out candles and flashlights gas and generators and water was no were to be found on the shelves.Since I live more in land and I thought this was going to be just like Irene last year, I didn’t freak out. I assumed that this was going to be a little wind and some rain and I would just need to get my hair done again. When I tell you I was really in fear of my life and well being. I started boiling water cooking mad food watching all the television I could. I just need to make sure I would be OK if my water shut off and electricity. When I woke up and saw the coverage of the hurricane especially New Jersey. I knew I wouldn’t be doing much for the next week. While inside my heated apartment I had everyone who could fit in this place friends and family if you could get to my house you would be eating well and have a nice warm blanket when you got here.

I know that all of my New Yorkers banded together to help one another which isn’t surprising after how we responded to 9/11. When I saw the picture of New York City half lit, I thought of all my peers and friends who are stuck on the island. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the world who don’t have hot meal and water.

Now I am not going to ramble on about Sandy now that she has left but I will leave you guys with a couple of cute anecdotes about my outfits. I just want all the people who thought of me to know that I am okay,safe and fly at that.

So when Sandy came I was just wear a scarf some baggy pants and sneakers, dont I look cute.

Now for all those people who need to transition from summer to winter maybe you can catch some tips from this changeover of season. So get those aztec pants back out the closet.



I hope you guys enjoyed my overdue post,please comment like ans subscribe to my post and I will see you next week.