by Happy Accidents Blog

Hey all. I know that I havent been putting my all into this blog. I think it’s a mixture of my life and how everyone has a blog now. But other than that I think I  am going to be laying off of IMVU for a while. I am a senior and I am about to graduate .Next year I will be going to Howard University as an Architecture major and minor and Interior DEsign. Hopefully I do well and my pitch for a reality TV Show goes through. Maybe you’ll be watching me through your TV one day. Any ways I am going on Hiatus for some time because I have this new job at Yankee Stadium and its draining the life out of me.But have no fear I am going to come back with ore posts .Look out this week and I see you guys are still checking up on me without me even posting.I guess I am sweating myself a bit. While I pop my head back to size I am goingto start creating these blog post. Sorry there is no whimsical pictures to go with the post Ill probably update you later. TTYL