Movies We Cant Wait For

by Happy Accidents Blog

So I know you guys are loving all the new additions to Serendipitous Fashion. So here is another addition  for summer. I can’t wait for the movies to appear in the theater.After the Hunger Games I just couldn’t wait for the Avengers.The Avengers is a comic book series for Marvel Comics. The Avengers include all of the Marvel Comic Book Superheroes. But as Hollywood does they shorten and cut people out.So in the Avengers Movie which premiered May 4th , the plot only consisted these heroes, Hulk,Thor,Iron Man,Captain America,Black Widow, Hawk Eye and the leader Nick Fury. I heard this movie was coming out about  years ago and I already knew to watch the horrible 2 hours of Thor and to watch the great 2 1/2 hours of the predictable Captain America in anticipation of THE AVENGERS !!!!

Well since I don’t want to give you guys any spoiler alerts, I will leave below a photo shoot of me doing one of the best chick flicks ever, Pretty Woman.So enjoy and if you think I look cute…