Where the Wild Things Are

by Happy Accidents Blog

There’s one in all of us.

“When trouble comes, your soul to try,

You love the friend, who just stands by,

Perhaps there’s nothing they can do,

Perhaps it’s mainly up to you.

But, what if you do not have a friend like this?

What if you just need to get away?

To somewhere, where everything is ok?

What if you had to go to your own oasis?

Anywhere at all,

Where would you dream to go?

Where would you decide fall?”

I ponder this question, I wonder, I think,

Where would I go?

Where would I hide?

From all the troubles in the world I’d leave, into a place of happiness and grace.

Where does all my pain subside?

Where no one could ever find me, I’d leave no trace.

But where is this place, my oasis you ask?

That just to write down itself is a hard task…

Where would I go? What would I see?

Would I go to a place just to be free?

I ponder some more, and wonder a bit.

Then I finally come up with an answer.

One I see fit.

I’d look in my heart, and close my dark eyes,

Then open them again, as the wind just then sighs.

Flowers and fairies, and mythological creatures,

Where the Wild things are my only teachers,

I hear laughter and music oh that music all around!

I hear smiles and chuckles, and no cries, whatsoever, oh what a sound!

Where the Wild things are my only friends,

Where happiness never ends,

Life, life, and more life to spare!

It’s a world, where everyone must care.

Beyond the trees, the birds and the bees!

Above the clouds and over the building, higher than the planes could go,

Faster than the trains you know!

Up, up and away, we fly!

Up, up and away, you’ll never find.

Where my oasis is, is not a place of any kind.

It’s locked away in my big heart, where I can go when I feel down or am coming apart.

For my Wild things will comfort me,

And I can be who ever I want,

(And that is me)

My Wild things won’t judge, they’ll all laugh just to laugh!

My Wild things would never invoke their own wrath.


When you ask me, where my oasis is,

I’ll just answer you this,

Where people go, just to get away and miss,


Beyond the farthest star,

Farther than farther than it seems,

Where the Wild things are,

Only in my dreams.