by Happy Accidents Blog

Well hello again. I know that I update my blog every other day and its annoying but its only because I truly enjoy giving you guys a piece of my wardrobe. As another part of this blog I am checking out new Spring collections and I will feature them in this blog.

This week I am featuring MissC.

She not only just came out with a line a spring accessories, she has been on top of the shoe game for some time now.I don’t feel like I needed to ask her for and interview or give you guys a bio because you already know who she is and if you don’t know her you are underneath some virtual rock. Her new line has bright blue , greens and purple hues in sandals and quilted clutches and floppy hats. Check out MissC catalog below with pics of her new line. You can see the new line in the link here http://www.imvu.com/shop/web_search.php?manufacturers_id=19588528&advanced_search=1