Kolor Me Beautiful

by Happy Accidents Blog


Color me Red, Color me Green, Color me Blue, Color me White
Color me Warm, Color me Loud, Color me Shy, Color me Bright
Color me Purple and Silver. Color me Yellow, Black and Gold
Color me Simple and Happy, Color me Mature, Smart and Bold
Looking at the heart I see a dancing Red, he life itself does form
Bringing to ones nature, how it is Shiny and so Warm
Looking to the birds I hear a singing Green attracting me as a lure
Knowing that I am now demanding and quite mature
Looking to the skies I feel a Jazzy Blue and I heave a dreamy sigh
I am full of ideas and knowledge but I stay Quiet and Shy
Searching through the clouds I find a Soulful White and now I float so light
My mind fights off all evil and I am Happy and so Bright
Searching among the faces, I find a Poetic Yellow, all clear not a pimple
Keeping up at this pace is very difficult, yet so simple
Searching in the pits there is a Stylish Black, with Boldness and so Proud
Filled in every nook and cranny. It is Mysterious and so Loud
Color me a warm and Shiny Grey and I’ll grow with age
I’ll skip over the world and I’ll dance across the stage
Color me a mature and demanding Purple as you do your own thing
Open up your ears to the tune of Love, as I will sing
Color me a Shy and Quiet Silver and still I will be Bold
As I play the melodies of the Jazz of old
Color me a Bright and Happy Gold and I’ll burn like coal
As we sit and play together, a song of musical Soul
Color me a difficult and simple Orange and you’ll see I’ll show ‘em
No other words are as touching as the words of a poem
Color me a quizzical and eye opening Brown and all things will become as new
Give me a floor, the best of clothes and I will style for you
Color me the color of Talent which is the best indeed
Color me Beautiful. The color that we all need

Mark Savage

As a Stylist I have been open to many opportunities on IMVU.The most recent one was for a group called Kolor Me Beautiful.This group is for stylists to give models makeovers on a bi-weekly basis.Every other week stylist showcase their work and hopefully beat the other stylist.I found this group to be way too cute. So I hope you guys sign up. http://www.imvu.com/groups/group/Kolor%2BMe%2BBeautiful%2B-%2BStyling%2B%252538%2BPhotography/

That is the link to the group so Clicky immediately. But before you go


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