Is Your Grandma wearing this?

by Happy Accidents Blog

Grandma’s Off Her Rocker!
In the dim and distant past,
When life’s tempo wasn’t fast,
Grandma used to rock and knit,
Crochet, tat and baby sit.
When we were in a jam,
We could always count on gram.
In the age of gracious living,
Grandma’s life was one of giving.
But today…
Now grandma’s at the gym,
Exercising to keep slim,
She’s off touring with the bunch,
Or taking all her friends to lunch.
Driving north to fish or hike,
Taking time to ride her bike.
Nothing seems to block or stop her,
Now that grandma’s off her rocker.
– Unknown Author

I know what your thinking ,why would I ever try on any of the orthopedic flats or the high wasted unflattering jeans that your grandparents wear. You will see this paisley jacket in any 1920’s closet next to a overused flapper dress.Dressing in what your grandparents wore is not such a bad thing , style is always recycling.Just as the 80’s fashion is coming back and 90’s fashion with the over sized lettermans jacket and the neon leggings. Old people rockers are getting a comeback.So go out and raid your bub-as or nanas closets and be trendsetters. Look at these examples for inspiration and don’t forget to


. Grandpa Jacket & Tee By Manilla